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Forbes Global Properties Reveals Timely Trends and Predictions in Perspectives: A Report on International Luxury Real Estate

Perspectives draws from the transactions and expertise of over 13,000 leading experts from 22 countries.

Welcome to PERSPECTIVES, a comprehensive reflection of our real estate journey over the past year and a forward look into the trends that will shape what lies ahead.

The world of prime residential real estate continues to evolve, and we are excited to bring you the latest insights and outlooks as seen through the lens of our global network of almost 17,700 property experts operating out of more than 500 locations across the U.S., Asia, Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, the Middle East, New Zealand and Europe.

Our members’ contributions provide a granular view of select regional markets, highlighting significant developments and forecasting upcoming trends. From economic shifts in Asia to emerging opportunities in the Caribbean, our coverage is not just summaries but deep dives into the intricacies of each market, informed by on-the-ground insights and expert analysis. Complementing our market outlooks are engaging conversations with experts in wealth, architecture, business innovation and hospitality. These topics are designed to highlight themes that

directly influence the real estate sector:

Global wealth portfolios are on an upswing following a post-pandemic fall, with the global luxury market seeing a $1.5 trillion-plus gain in 2023. This growth is prompting many affluent individuals to strategize their investments with a long-term vision, focusing on creating lasting legacies and securing financial stability for future generations.

Heritage brands are increasingly entering the development space, blending their iconic

elegance with real estate to create exclusive living experiences that redefine opulence. These moves tap into the desires of high-net-worth individuals who seek not just exclusivity, but also the cachet associated with such storied names.

Today’s affluent travelers are looking for more than just high-end accommodations; they want real, immersive experiences that connect them with local culture. Responding to this shift, hospitality brands are creating personalized travel experiences that meet the individual needs and preferences of each traveler, redefining what luxury travel means.

Leading companies are harnessing the power of language analytics to decipher personality traits and identify standout talent. By examining how candidates express themselves, businesses now aim to match individuals with the company’s culture and job requirements.

Our report concludes with a selection of residential properties that set the benchmark in 2023, showcasing the creativity, innovation and excellence that defines our Forbes Global Properties members.

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