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Jun 10, 2020 // Madeline Ansley
Join Slifer Smith & Frampton

With many companies facing hard decisions, we are so proud to call Slifer home. We have been grateful to be able to retain all employees and continue to grow. We’ve gained the largest listing in Slifer history, Snowmass Base Village, just months after the inception of our new Sales Development Division in 2020. And as a company already set up to work remotely, we’ve increased training, continued meetings, and proceeded launching new cutting-edge programs for broker use.


“How lucky are we to work with a company that is continuing to grow and execute a vision. We had our annual update in Aspen the other day. Hundreds of brokers, dozens of companies…all doing the exact same thing. None of them as visionary as Slifer.”


-New Broker, Aspen


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