Setting up for Success
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Mar 23, 2020 // Melissa Janelli
Setting up for Success

A lot of us are probably found working from home these days, and for many of us that is something out of the norm. Adapting to this new work style can be difficult to focus on our tasks with all the distractions that home has to offer. We wanted to help make the transition easier by sharing some tips we found to be helpful.


1.Get organized
 Maintaining balance is one of the most difficult aspects of working at home, because the work is always right there staring you in the face. Make sure to get all your work files organized, create a schedule/ to-do list to help keep yourself on track.

2. Have designated work space
It’s important that you designate a specific place for a home office and store all work-related files and supplies there. Your new home “office” should reflect a normal work environment as best as you can. Try not to make it near a bed or a TV.

3. Plan your day
Planning out your day will help you minimize your distractions and maximize your true productive times. Now that you are working from home and possibly have your kids home too, make sure that you are flexible with your schedule. Planning meals ahead, having snack on hand, and working earlier or later hours are all good ways to adjust to this new normal while still keeping your sanity in tact.

4. Avoid home distractions
Pets, TV and family members are just a few other distractions you’ll encounter when you start working at home. We know its tempting to do a load of laundry or clean the dishes but make sure you are planning out your schedule and saving household tasks and new episodes of your favorite TV show to after work hours.

5. Take breaks
Being out of the office and away from co workers may make your forget to get away from your computer and take a break. Make sure you are taking time to stretch and getting away from working. Make sure you are spending time outside and doing things to clear your head. Working in smaller spurts with more frequent breaks can help with your mental and physical health.


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