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Apr 20, 2017 // Grace Hernden

We’ve all been there

….it’s mud season and you’ve made a plan to go out to your favorite restaurant.  You finally get there and it’s closed!  Don’t make that heartbreaking mistake again – check out the full list of closures Breckenridge closures HERE, plus the rest of the county below. 

Don’t forget about scoring discounts with the spring dining passport.  Passports, each valid for two people, are available beginning April 15, 2017 for a $10 donation at participating restaurants and the Breckenridge Welcome Center (203 S. Main Street, 877-864-0868). Specials run as late as June 15 but vary per restaurant.

Proceeds support scholarships awarded to local students by the Breckenridge Restaurant Association, which awarded some $20,000 in scholarships in 2016 alone. The passport program is just one of the ways in which the Breckenridge Restaurant Association and its members give back to the community.





Adriano’s Bistro Dillon 970.468.6111 Closed: April 30 – May 31
Arapahoe Café Dillon 970.468.0873 OPEN ALL MUD SEASON
Chimayo Mexican Grill Dillon 970.262.6734 OPEN ALL MUD SEASON
Dillon Dam Brewery Dillon 970.262.777 OPEN ALL MUD SEASON
Jersey Boy’s Pizza and Deli Dillon 970.513.1087 OPEN ALL MUD SEASON
5th Ave Grille Frisco 970.668.3733 TBD
Backcountry Brewery Frisco 970.668.2337 OPEN ALL MUD SEASON
Bagali’s Frisco 970.668.0601 Opens May 5
Blue Spruce Inn Frisco 970.668.5900 OPEN ALL MUD SEASON
Boatyard Frisco 970.668.4728 Closed: April 3 – TBD for renovations
Butterhorn Bakery and Café Frisco 970.668.3997 OPEN ALL MUD SEASON
Carlos Miguels Frisco 970.668.4900 OPEN ALL MUD SEASON
China Szechuan Frisco 970.668.0666 OPEN ALL MUD SEASON
Food Hedz World Café Frisco 970.668.2000 Closed until TBD – catering available
Greco’s Pastaria Frisco 970.668.5442 OPEN ALL MUD SEASON – No lunch served on Mondays and Tuesdays
Hacienda Real Frisco 970.668.9956 OPEN ALL MUD SEASON
Himalayan Cuisine Frisco 970.668.3330 OPEN ALL MUD SEASON
Kemosabe Sushi Frisco 970.668.2100 OPEN ALL MUD SEASON
Log Cabin Cafe Frisco 970.668.3947 OPEN ALL MUD SEASON
Moose Jaw Frisco 970.668.3931 Opening at 3pm Mon. – Thurs first 2 weeks of May
Ollies Pub and Grub Frisco 970.668.0744 Closed: May 7 – 9
Peppino’s Pizza and Subs Frisco 970.668.5128 OPEN ALL MUD SEASON
Q4U Barbeque & Catering Frisco 970.668.1775 OPEN ALL MUD SEASON
Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant Frisco 970.455.8923 OPEN ALL MUD SEASON
Silverheels Bar and Grill Frisco 970.668.0345 OPEN ALL MUD SEASON
Spinelli’s Pizza and Subs Frisco 970.668.8138 Closed Sundays and Mondays
Tavern West Frisco 970.455.8382 Reopens May 17
The Lost Cajun Frisco 970.668.4352 OPEN ALL MUD SEASON
Vinny’s Resturant Frisco 970.668.0340 Closed April 16 – TBD
Pizza 101 Keystone 970.262.0200 TBD
Dos Locos Mexican Restaurant & Cantina Keystone 970.262.9185 OPEN ALL MUD SEASON
9280′ Tap House Keystone 970.496.4333 Closed for season on April 16
Inxpot Keystone 970.262.3707 OPEN ALL MUD SEASON
Kickapoo Tavern Keystone 970.468.0922 Reopens June 10
Luigi’s Pasta House Keystone 970.468.0300 Reopens June 10
Mary’s Mountain Cookies/Crepe Stand Keystone 970.262.3686 Reopens June 10
New Moon Café Keystone 970.262.3772 Reopens June 10
Pizza on the Run Keystone 970.513.6636 Reopens June 10
Rocky Mtn. Chocolate Factory Keystone 970.262.1267 Reopens June 10
Snack Shack Keystone 970.468.7449 Reopens June 10
Spoon Café Keystone 970.468.9394 Reopens June 10
Starbucks Keystone 970.496.4733 Reopens June 10
Zuma Roadhouse Elevated Eatery Keystone 970.262.2202 Reopens June 10
Baker’s Brewery Silverthorne 970.168.0170 OPEN ALL MUD SEASON
Bamboo Garden Silverthorne 970.468.6888 OPEN ALL MUD SEASON
Blue Moon Bakery Silverthorne 970.513.0669 OPEN ALL MUD SEASON
Fiesta Jalisco Breck & Silverthorne 970.468.9552 OPEN ALL MUD SEASON
J J Chinese Cuisine Silverthorne 970.468.2509 OPEN ALL MUD SEASON
Mountain Lion Café Silverthorne 970.262.6229 OPEN ALL MUD SEASON
Murphy’s Silverthorne 970.468.2457 OPEN ALL MUD SEASON
Napal Restaurant Silverthorne 970.468.0575 OPEN ALL MUD SEASON
Nick and Willy’s Pizza Silverthorne 970.262.1111 OPEN ALL MUD SEASON
Red Mountain Grill Silverthorne 970.468.1010 OPEN ALL MUD SEASON
Sunshine Café Silverthorne 970.468.6663 OPEN ALL MUD SEASON

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