The tip line is open: Locals boast about favorite powder stashes around the county!
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Mar 8, 2017 // Meredith Holt
The tip line is open: Locals boast about favorite powder stashes around the county!

This week, the Blog is a toast to our resident SSF ski bums who have been around a long time – their wisdom and secret stashes will keep us all searching for the epic lines they rarely disclose, even to their visiting family!  After a sunny afternoon apres session of my own, I was able to squeeze out a few tidbits of knowledge from those who


Reilly D – Double Barrel, Breck – “After you brave the Lake Chutes, you’ll be lucky if you find this secret stash!”

Chris L – Uphill at A-Basin – “Lifts close for the day (sunny), head straight up High Noon to Dercum’s Gulch. As you’re rounding the bend and coming under the Lenawee Lift, you’ll see one of the greatest sights in Summit County, the East Wall in full alpenglow…hurry down as you’ll soon be chilled to the bone!”

Dave K – The Colonel, Breck – “The Colonel rarely disappoints – Can’t tell you where, other than it’s on Peak 8.”

Michael L – Keystone – “Tiger is a secret run on the front side of Keystone Mountain.  There is no trail sign, look for a narrow opening in the trees near the top of Paymaster.  Then enjoy gladded skiing until you eventually pop out on Wild Irishman.”

Megan W- Everywhere! – ”Any ski run where I’m passing the guys on my snowboard. There is no better feeling than shredding past those boys who “think” they own the mountain.”

Eddie B – A-Basin – “From the top of Arapahoe Basin, take the Cornice Run to King Cornice “AKA Eddie’s Hucker”,  always good snow, especially on windy days blowing fresh powder over the cornice and adding air time with the wind beneath your winds….yahooooo!

TA – Y Shoot, Breck – “So good! But when you can’t see past your skis in the blinding snow, you probably can’t find it!”

Dave G – “How do you pick just one? In Breck: Upper T-bar to lower T-bar for shots. At A-Basin: Willy’s Wide on the East Wall, as soon as they open it after a storm. Long, steep bootpack seems to keep some of the riff raff away.”

Cheers to a big spring, with lots of good music and even better days on the hill.  

See you out there, powder hounds!


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